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Water Quality Reports

Frequently Asked Questions



Water Sources



The Kaua`i Department of Water is committed to providing safe, affordable, dependable drinking water service for our customers every day.   In compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, a federal law, the Kaua`i Department of Water produces and provides a water quality report for our customers each year.  The report describes the quality of your drinking water, and where it comes from.


Providing safe drinking water is a complex process, but you have a right to know the results of our water quality monitoring. Safe drinking water is essential to our community. Your water is tested on a continuous schedule through our certified laboratories and the State Department of Health.



In summary, our drinking water meets, or is better than, state and federal standards.


A Source Water Assessment, intended to enable “well-founded, fair and reasonable decisions for the protection and preservation of Hawai‘i’s drinking water” has been completed by the State Department of Health and the University of Hawai‘i. For further information on this assessment, please contact the Department of Water at (808) 245-5455.


We welcome your interest in the Department of Water’s water system. Please refer to the directory in this publication for the Department’s contact numbers. The Water Board normally holds a monthly meeting on the fourth Thursday of each month and meetings are open to the public. Please call (808) 245-5406 or visit our website at for the time, date, and meeting access.



Gregory Kamm

Chairperson, Board of Water Supply


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