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Water Plan 2020

The County of Kaua'i Department of Water developed a comprehensive plan in 2001—called Water Plan 2020--- a long range planning effort to ensure safe, affordable and sufficient drinking water in the 21st Century for all customers that need water on Kaua'i. The plan reviews existing facilities and service standards and provides an outline for replacement facilities, expanded facilities, financial plan, and continuing review of revenues.

Water Plan 2020 focuses on potable water, used for drinking, agriculture, commercial uses and fire protection. It addresses replacement of the sources, pipelines, enclosed reservoirs, and funding needed to expand the potable water facilities. The plan does not cover issues involving non-potable water for agriculture, stream standards, and watershed management. These issues are the focus of other state and local planning and regulatory processes.

The Department is guided by the Water Plan 2020, which aims to ensure safe water in adequate quantities at affordable rates into the future, and calls for improvements to ensure those goals are met.